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Aurafil Thread

Aurafil is the best! 50 wt cotton thread that sews like a dream! Free shipping on $50 or more orders!

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2024_Aurafil_MK50 218 yds White SMALL SPOOL

Mako Cotton Thread Solid 50wt 1422yds Dove Grey# A1050-2600

2311_Aurafil_MK50 1420 yds Muslin

2625_Aurafil_MK50 1420 yds Arctic Ice (Gray)

2692_Aurafil_MK50 1420 yds Black

2123_Aurafil_MK50 1420 yds Butter

Yellow Work 50wt 1422yds

Tawny 50wt 1422 yds

Spice Brown 50wt 1422yds

Hot Pink 50wt 1422yds

Light Blue 50wt 1422yds

Aurafil Light Avocado 50wt 1422yds

Aurafil Plum 50wt 1422yds

iris 50wt 1422yds

orange 50wt 1300m 2277

1100_Aurafil_MK50 1420 yds Red Plum

2250_Aurafil_MK50 1420 yds Red

1103_Aurafil_MK50 1420 yds Burgandy

1310_Aurafil_MK50 1420 yds Med. Blue Grey

1130_Aurafil_MK50 1420 yds V Dk Bark

2110_Aurafil_MK50 1420 yds Lt Lemon

2021_Aurafil_MK50 1420 yds


Stone -Cotton Mako Thread 50wt 200m BMK50 2324 Aurifil 218YDS


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